Exclusive Collection Hotels – Book 2015

ECH_ Lançamento_Book

ECH_ Lançamento_Book The new catalog Exclusive Collection Hotels is ready and can be seen in the certified hotels, as well as special bookstores. The book consists of an international guide of destinations and hotels considered the most exclusive in the world , with market differentials, cataloged by international quality standards. It contains famous images of idyllic locations , full of charm, immersed in unique natural environments or urban . The hotels are evaluated in the categories design , luxury, eco , casual and spa. The evaluations and classifications are performed by a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals to select the establishmens that meet the specified criteria according to visits made by mistery shoopers.

O novo anuário Exclusive Collectiion Hotels já está disponível nos hotéis certificados e também em livrarias especiais. A obra consiste em um guia internacional de destinos e hotéis considerados os mais exclusivos do mundo, avaliados por meio de metodologia específica e uma equipe multidisciplinar. A obra contém imagens célebres de locais idílicos, repletos de charme, imersos em ambientes únicos naturais ou urbanos. Os empreendimentos são avaliados nas categorias design, luxury, eco, casual e spa.

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